Terre di Canossa 2022 celebrates all women! Join us until march 7 with standard booking

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On occasion of the International Women’s Day, a special fee for all women crews

March 2, 2022: Passion for classic cars, wonderful landscapes, five-star hospitality have no boundaries. On occasion of the International Women’s Day, in order to celebrate women uniqueness from all over the world, all-female crews that will register by March 8 will have the possibility to register to Terre di Canossa, April 21 – 24, with a special fee.

Car enthusiasts will be able to use the code SpecialTC2022 and get advantage of the special promotion.

All-female crews with normal registration will enjoy an entry fee equal to 4.000 euro instead of 4.700 euro, while all lady drivers willing to register for the rally only experience will take advantage of a reduced fee of 1.500 euro.

Registrations for all crews with standard booking will close on March 7, 2022.

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Allow yourself a driving experience unique and memorable while discovering Italy’s most fascinating panoramic glimpses.


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