Canossa Team

Meet our passion-driven team.

We are pleased to introduce you to our full-time team members.

But they are only part of the story. Alongside these talented individuals are more than one hundred “travel companions” who have helped us on our road and with whom we will undoubtedly share many more adventures.

Luigi Orlandini - Chairman & CEO

Luigi Orlandini

Chairman & CEO
Maria Chiara Mantovani - Human Resources & Executive Director

Maria Chiara Mantovani

Human Resources & Executive Director
PaolaFontana_HR Manager-People Strategy

Paola Fontana

HR Manager - People Strategy
Claire Dumon - Personal Assistant to Luigi Orlandini

Claire Dumon

P.A. to Luigi Orlandini
Marcello Ferrari

Marcello Ferrari

Event & Marketing Director
Federica Magnavacchi - Senior Project Manager

Federica Magnavacchi

North America Chief Operation Officer
Maria Homann - Director Canossa Events North America

Maria Homann

North America Senior Executive VP Sales and Marketing
Michele Gogliucci - Senor Project Manager

Michele Gogliucci

North America Senior Project Manager
Daria Burzoni - Senior Account Manager

Daria Burzoni

North America Senior Account Manager

Ellen Mitchell

North America Customer Care Specialist
Alyssa Pace, team Canossa

Alyssa Pace

North America Junior Project Manager
160922_selezione 250 Gto Reunion DAY-4_162 copia

Camilla Voltolini

General Manager Middle East Area
Alia Vanel - Intern Project Management Area

Alia Vanel

Middle East Project Manager
Alexandria Mae Flores

Alexandria Mae Flores

Middle East Project Manager
Louisa Cork

Louisa Cork

Middle East Project Manager

Valentina Greggi

Director of Canossa Lifestyle

Elena Grazi

Project Manager Canossa Lifestyle
Crisitna Varone - Senior Project Manager

Cristina Varone

Director of Operations

Silvia Ballarini

Head of Sales and Business Development

Riccardo Maseroli

Sales Specialist
Ludovica Martelli

Ludovica Martelli

Sales and Business Development Specialist
Caterina Di Giorgio - Sports Office Manager

Caterina Di Giorgio

Head of Motorsport Activities
Eleonora Carrara - Sports Office Specialist

Eleonora Carrara

Sport Office Manager
Vittorio Bighi 2

Vittorio Bighi

Sport Office Specialist
Rebecca Poluzzi

Rebecca Poluzzi

Sport Office Specialist
Ambra Bonati - Food & Beverage Specialist

Ambra Bonati

Head of Hospitality and Food & Beverage
Valentina Baracchetti_Project Manager

Valentina Baracchetti

Food & Beverage Manager
Giulia Soli - Hospitality Specialist

Giulia Soli

Hospitality Manager
Alessia Ortalli - Hospitality Specialist

Alessia Ortalli

Hospitality Specialist
Vittoria Parma

Vittoria Parma

Hospitality Trainee
Ilaria Formentini - Project Manager

Ilaria Formentini

Head of Project Management
Alix Avocat-Maulaz - Junior Project Manager

Alix Avocat-Maulaz

Project Manager
Camilla Forti - Junior Project Manager

Camilla Forti

Project Manager
Erica Malini

Erica Malini

Project Manager

Isabella Dogliani

Project Manager
Viola Elmi copia

Viola Elmi

Project Manager
sofia dall'asta

Sofia dall'Asta

Assistant Project Manager

Elena Incerti

Head of Customer Care
Manuela Cantarelli - Customer Relations

Manuela Cantarelli

Customer Care Manager
Elisabetta Tenca - Customer Care Specialist

Elisabetta Tenca

Customer Care Manager
Giulia Cavazzoli - Customer Care Specialist

Giulia Cavazzoli

Customer Care Manager
Fares Kedier - Project Manager

Fares Kedier

Customer Care Manager
Jean Patricot

Jean Patricot

Customer Care Specialist
Francesca Azzali - Media Relations Manager

Francesca Azzali

Deputy Editorial Director of Cavallino Magazine
Massimo Delbò - Editor

Massimo Delbò

Editorial Director of Cavallino Magazine

Elisa Airaghi

Head of Communication
Aris Prodani - Social Media Manager

Aris Prodani

Social Media Coordinator
Francesca Maramotti - Trainee Communication Area

Francesca Maramotti

Digital Communication Manager
Giulio Foiani

Giulio Foiani

Communication Trainee
Sara Benedet

Sara Benedet

Graphic Designer
Leonardo Benini

Leonardo Benini

Graphic Designer
Rossana Panella - Controller

Rossana Panella

Head of Purchasing & Logistics
Oxana Vieru - Racelink Specialist

Oxana Vieru

Purchasing & Logistics Specialist
Sofia Palladini

Sofia Palladini

Purchasing & Production Specialist
Tiziana Bianchi - CFO

Tiziana Bianchi

Susy Costetti - Accounting

Susy Costetti

Sharon Gualtieri - Administration Office

Sharon Gualtieri

Eleonora Consolini

Eleonora Consolini

Accounting & Controller

Martina D'Amico


Roman Diug

Logistic and Racelink Specialist
Anamaria Juverdeanu - Casa Canossa Caretaker

Anamaria Juverdeanu

Casa Canossa Caretaker
Michele Ferrara - Driving activities specialist

Michele Ferrara

Driving Activities Specialist
Carlo Cassina - Driving Activities Manager

Carlo Cassina

Driving Activities Manager
Valerio Barsella - Driving Activities Specialist

Valerio Barsella

Driving Activities Specialist
Daniele Spaggiari - IT Manager

Daniele Spaggiari

IT Manager

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