Cavallino Classic Modena 2022

Cavallino Classic Modena, Canossa, 2022

The world’s most famous Concorso d’Eleganza devoted to Ferraris is back in Modena. The Cavallino Classic Modena will run from 29 to 31 May. The cars will be exhibited in the grounds of Casa Maria Luigia on 30 May.

Terre di Canossa 2022: the 12th edition comes to a close

Terre di Canossa, Trofeo Tricolore, Casa Canossa, Terre Matildiche , 2022

Stefano Ginesi and Susanna Rohr took the podium, with Guillermo Acevedo and Amalia Saenz coming second followed by Pablo Diego Lara and Lucia Martin.
Franco Serventi and Daniela Maccini took home the prize for the modern Ferraris.

Terre di Canossa 2022: we’re firing up our engines for the 12th edition!

As always, this year’s edition will be full of surprises, all taking place against a backdrop of magical scenery and charming locations for moments of pure relaxation. This year promises to be an even more international edition as around 90% of the crews will be coming from abroad, and “green” thanks to our usual focus on the environment making it a Zero-Impact event.