Youngtimer Cup 2023 – 2° round in Vallelunga

Youngtimer Cup. Germans and Italians hunting the English.

September 7, 2023: On the track of Vallelunga, the beautiful Youngtimers will once again be the protagonists of the Canossa championship. After the first seasonal leg at Mugello, the powerful GTs and Turismos, born between 1991 and 2005, will show off their muscles in a challenge that opposes a British GT to an all-Italian-German front, represented by Alfa and BMW.

At Mugello, the win went to Matteo Panini from Modena (Biella Circle) at the wheel of an English car with an American heart, the Marcos Mantis. A special GT, born in the UK and powered by the formidable Ford Cobra 4.6, that the passionate Panini will share, in this race, with Andrea Pergreffi. Given the result at Mugello, the attacks on the British GT will be carried by a beautiful and varied group of German and Italian Youngtimers. Like it already happened in the first race, with the German Tourismos there will be Armando De Vuono and Massimo Orlandini, who will share the BMW E36 in its NS configuration. The other pair on BMW will be the duo consisting of the journalist-driver Eugenio Mosca and Roberto Olivo (DC Racing), also at the wheel of a M3 E36 in E1 configuration, much more aggressive compared to the other Munich-based car.

The red Italian Alfa Romeos will present more configurations and two different models, the 156 and the 147. 
The two 156s in E1 FIA configuration in Vallelunga will have the gritty “Puccio”, alias Arturo Pucciarelli (Sesa Racing), and Domenico Gaudenzi at the wheel. The other 156, in FIA Superturismo configuration, will be driven by Buganza Giovanni(Xmotor Team).
The only front wheel drive in the tussle, the 147 Cup, will be driven by Sergio Borsini (Sesa Racing) and it is curious to note that all the Alfa Romeos in the race will have only one driver, unlike the other Youngtimers.

With an entry list of great value, the Youngtimer Cup will show significant performances on a track, Vallelunga, that alternates between very fast sections and slower parts where there is no lack of demanding braking. It will be interesting to see who, in the two 20-minute races in which the format of the event is divided, will manage to trouble the Marcos.


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