Cavallino Concorso di Modena: in the Motor Valley the heritage appointment with excellence

The Cavallino Classic is the most important Concorso d’Eleganza focusing exclusively on Ferraris and, for the first time in over thirty years, is doubling up and becoming international.

June 29, 2021: This is because an extraordinary edition called the “Concorso di Modena” will be held at Casa Maria Luigia, Modena, from the 2nd to the 4th of July with the specific intention of paying tribute to Enzo Ferrari’s home town.

The “Cavallino Classic is an extraordinary event,” said Luigi Orlandini, President and CEO of Canossa Events, which acquired Cavallino Inc. in 2020, “and has made history, laying the foundations for the growth of Ferrari collecting by setting an example, followed by many, for the judging of the cars. Along with John Barnes, the founder of Cavallino Classic, we have been nursing the idea of bringing the Concorso d’Eleganza to Modena for some time now, as it is the centre of the motoring world in Italy. What’s more we also opted for a venue here that is an icon in terms of our culinary heritage: Casa Maria Luigia run by Massimo and Lara Bottura”

After finding the ideal venue, they needed to set the date. “It seemed the right thing to go ahead now, lighting a beacon of optimism for a pandemic-free future at a time when many people are still wondering whether we will ever get back to living our normal lives and relationships, and being able to spend time with friends and family,” continued Mr Orlandini. “We are confident we made the right choice because of the amount of enthusiasm that greeted the Concorso di Modena among the top Ferrari collectors around the world, all of whom were delighted to have a valid excuse to return to Italy after being obliged to stay away for so many months.

The Concorso participants are coming from four different continents, naturally in full compliance with Covid regulations, whilst the standard of the cars attending speaks for itself, with 26 extraordinary cars entered in the Concorso, almost all of which have been restored at Modena, or within the Motor Valley area, and some will be going on public display for the first time in decades. 31 cars altogether worth in excess of 250 million US dollars.

The event takes place in the context of the Motor Valley Fest. 

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