The Motor Valley Fest and Canossa Events: a celebration Made in Italy of the Motor Valley

The Motor Valley Fest is being held from July 1st to 4th at Modena, the Italian capital of motoring, a huge event organised with the pro-active support of Canossa.

July 1, 2021: The Motor Valley Fest is well underway and the automotive industry has got the ball rolling for the third edition of this Festival dedicated to the excellence of Emilia-Romagna’s motoring heritage. The opening conference was attended by top managers from Ferrari, Ducati, Pagani, Maserati, Energica, Lamborghini and Dallara.

In this unique setting, Canossa Events is the organising partner for the event, handling the planning and management of all of the dynamic activities, such as the races at Novi Sad City Circuit, the numerous displays, and the parades. As always and in line with Canossa’s trademark style, the focus will be on the details and on the safety of participants during the road activities, as well as on the safety of the public expected to attend this important occasion. The role of Canossa Events during the Motor Valley Fest represents a relevant opportunity that enabled once more the company to innovate and create new formats and high-quality events for all the participants.

An inimitable experience to celebrate the Motor Valley and the Region of Emilia-Romagna: a land of great passion, motoring and excellence. 


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