Youngtimer Cup 2023 – Final

Youngtimer Cup. Pucciarelli is the 2023 Champion

November 9, 2023:The season’s progression was interesting, and the six races held over three events have crowned Arturo “Claudio” Pucciarelli and his Alfa Romeo 156 E1 FIA (Sesa Racing) as the leaders of the 2023 season.

The SESA Racing driver consistently held a top position, showcasing his speed and competitive spirit. The championship and the battle between Panini and Pucciarelli began at the Mugello Circuit: here, Panini, with his nimble Marco Mantis, secured a double victory while Pucciarelli had an unfortunate weekend, marked by two spins at the Arrabbiata turn, fortunately without consequences.

In hindsight, Panini paid a high price for the difficult weekend he experienced during the Italian Speed Festival in Misano. In this event, the Modena driver broke his differential in race 1 and was forced to race in race 2 with a non-racing differential, which was less performance-oriented. In race 2, Pucciarelli and Panini, rivals, engaged in a fantastic battle for the second place behind the Alfa Romeo 147 of Marche’s Nazareno Compagnoni (Sesa Racing).

Pucciarelli, on his part, was consistently in contention for the podium in all the races and ended the season on an upswing, thanks to podium finishes at Vallelunga and Misano, leaving a mark on the Youngtimer Cup 2023 season.
The podium was completed by Sergio Borsini ahead of the duo Massimo Orlandini- Armando De Vuono, always ready to fight like lions behind the wheel of their BMW M3 E36 NS.

The winners in other categories are Kamata Matteo with the Porsche 911 Trofeo di Marca GT 3600, Mosca Eugenio and Olivo Roberto with their BMW E36 (DC Racing) in the E1 3200 category. 
The aforementioned De Vuono and Orlandini won the N3200 category, while Domenico Gaudenzi finished behind Pucciarelli with his Alfa Romeo 156 E1 FIA in the E1 FIA 2000 category. Giovanni Buganza (Alfa Romeo 156 Super Turismo FIA – Team Xmotor) won the Super Turismo FIA 2000 category. 

At the top of the championship standings as the best team, Sesa Racing stands, nurturing the 2023 season with several splendid cars. 


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