Italian Speed Festival: the formula is right

The second edition of the festival dedicated to the automobile has come to an end at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli

October 24, 2023: The formula is right: the Italian Speed Festival has successfully demonstrated that combining various elements capable of igniting a passion for automobiles and reinforcing their values adds depth and pleasure to the celebration.

The racetrack, the perfectly organized Misano World Circuit, took center stage with races that gained an enthusiastic following, particularly the final round of the Alfa Revival Cup. The last race of the Youngtimer Cup championship also completed the program, along with the on-track Ferrari Challenge races, including the Cavallino Classic Cup.

Equally enjoyable were the free laps, with enthusiasts behind the wheel of their own cars or alongside experienced drivers in Dallara and Ferrari cars.

The Races

The Alfa Revival Cup championship concluded with a spectacular final season race. Pole-sitter Giacomo Barri (with team-mate Emilio Petrone – OKP Alfa Delta Racing Team) crossed the finish line in 1’54”474, securing pole position for the race. Daniele Perfetti, who started behind Barri, claimed the top spot on the podium at the Misano World Circuit. Alongside him, the duo Bachofer – Restelli (OKP Alfa Delta Racing Team) secured an excellent second place, with Luigi and Niccolò Mercatali of Scuderia Clemente Biondetti completing the podium. The 2023 championship has thus concluded, and soon the overall winners will be revealed.

The Youngtimer Cup, on the other hand, celebrated its third championship with two thrilling races. Nazareno Compagnoni (Sesa Racing) achieved a double victory, breaking the established dominance of Matteo Panini’s Marcos Mantis (Circolo della Biella). In both race 1 and race 2, the cars battled fiercely for 20 intense minutes.

The Paddock

Equally enjoyable were the free laps, with enthusiasts behind the wheel of their own cars or alongside experienced drivers in Dallara and Ferrari cars.

There was no shortage of enthusiasm around the dedicated track for young and very young drivers in pedal karts, who did not miss the roar of any engines. The fair play and remarkably few incidents due to the eagerness to secure victory was surprising.

The presence of clubs and race teams was also very interesting, with ASI – Automobilismo Storico Italiano – at the forefront, complete with technical backup and great professionalism.

The picture was completed by areas dedicated to culture: two elegance competitions, where perfectly preserved cars like the Ferrari 348 Spider and the Alfa Romeo Montreal prevailed, and fascinating conferences on various topics, all related to the world of automobiles and the passion for it. A discussion on the importance of documentation and verification of Classic car requirements, led by the Editorial Director of the international Cavallino Magazine, a valuable explanation of how to approach classic car auctions, seizing opportunities while avoiding risks, the story of the birth of the Ferrari GTO, and an example of the Italian stylistic approach of the 1960s, with Professor Massimo Grandi drawing cars and their details live, to the extent that he had to give away and sign his sketches for the fascinated attendees.

Finally, the unprecedented exhibition of Ferrari Formula 1 Posters and the magnificent Ferrari P4 hand-beaten by the old craftsmen – artists from another era, for the Foundation and ModenArt.

All these, and numerous other details, ensured that those present had an experience they will undoubtedly want to relive in the 2024 edition.


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