Stella alpina 26-27-28 June 2020

Stella alpina 2020

May 31, 2020

Ready to restart the engines of our passion!

After more than two months of strict lockdown, today Italy and Europe are finally working with the aim of returning to “normal” life by reopening restaurants, shops, beaches and soon also the borders between countries.

Motorsport, as well as any other sport, is still subjected to severe restrictions and travel rules are still uncertain but the desire to start “living” again is very strong and we are ready to get back on track!

For this reason, as part of Scuderia Trentina and Canossa Events, we want to look to tomorrow with hope and with careful attention to safety. 

After much reflection and thanks to the encouragement demonstrated by many friends, which are contacting us for showing their interest to participate, we decided to confirm the dates of Stella Alpina, taking place from June 26th to 28th 2020.

We understand the constraints and uncertainties inevitably characterizing this moment, but we will be fully committed to creating relaxing days and moments of pleasure always in compliance with safety rules.

This year we also offer a special non-competitive format designed for all the ones that aboard of their own Ferrari or classic car want to enjoy the charm of the itinerary surrounded by the majesty of the Dolomites, without any concern about the race.

Fiorenzo Dalmeri, President of Scuderia Trentina, writes: “I deeply hope that we will meet in Trento at the end of June, we all are doing our best to manage the current circumstances of this difficult and complicated moment with the passion that drives us and with the purpose of arranging every aspect of the occurrence at the highest level, in line with what the Stella Alpina deserves.”

“It is almost certain that by the end of June the health situation will still require restrictions and rules to be respected but we really hope that by that time we will get back behind the wheel on the magnificent bends of the Dolomites. We will do all this safely but with our customary passion.” These are the words of Luigi Orlandini, President of Canossa Events.

Every moment of the journey has been carefully planned in order to grant to the participants a pleasant stay in tranquility, even in these times of Covid-19. Our staff is prepared to welcome guests with a smiling face, even if hidden by face masks and will provide the necessary personal protective equipment.

For all our events, our registration and cancellation policy will be in the name of the highest flexibility.

We are waiting for you to restart together the engines of our passion!

The Stella Alpina Team


For more details or to register it, visit the official website Stella alpina