Canossa Events

Letter from the Chairman

May 19, 2020

Reggio Emilia, Italy – May 18th, 2020


After two months of strict lockdown, today Italy is reopening restaurants, shops, beaches and many other services which are not “essential” in terms of surviving but essential in terms of spending our time in a valuable way. It’s the first step towards the return to “normal” life, even though I have to say that these terrible times still had some positive notes: spending so much time with the family is “normally” impossible when you have to run a business spanning over 3 continents.

Motorsport, as well as any other sport, is still not allowed and we don’t know what safety rules will be imposed to run a circuit race or a stage rally. Gatherings are still prohibited, airplanes are still on the ground, many hotels will remain closed this summer, and we don’t know what kind of travel restrictions will affect our freedom of movement in the coming months. That is to say that we don’t know exactly when and how we’ll be allowed to run a race, rally or tour. But we are ready to get back on track!

Most likely, the near future is not for large gatherings. That’s why we are rethinking our calendar for 2020 with new, small and private events with exhaustive anti-Covid safety measures: beside our major rallies, we are also planning California in August, the Alps in September, New England in October and the UAE in November. Small groups, big passion and great and safe experiences.
Moreover, we are launching our new Motor Valley Tours: three-days driving tours aimed to visit our region, where the history of automobile blends into an unparalleled tradition of gastronomy.
For all our events, our registration and cancellation policy will be in the name of the highest flexibility.

While we eagerly wait to restart the engines of our passion, I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable time.

Luigi Orlandini
Chairman and CEO