Terra di Motori 2020 - Francesca Azzali Editorial

A Valley of Marvels - Terra di Motori N.5

January 19, 2020

Terra di Motori 2020 - Francesca Azzali Editorial

A Valley of Marvels ...

Every year, we sit down with the Terra di Motori editorial team and have a discussion about the focus of the new issue of the magazine. It’s a brainstorming session when we choose the main topic and editorial style.

Our first issue focused on the passion for classic cars, the second on the Via Emilia, the third on Ferrari’s 70th anniversary, and last year we took a look at the important role of women in classic motoring.

It was decided that this year’s issue of Terra di Motori, the fifth, should focus on the Motor Valley, since it is our home and our place of work but also because it is an area much admired around the world as the place where speed was born and evolved, and where we work every day.

The Motor Valley is an area of just a few hundred square kilometres between Parma and Rimini, and continues to be known for its pursuit of speed and beauty. It’s amazing, really, that such a small area could be home to so many top luxury sports car manufacturers, international motor racing circuits, specialized training centres, museums, collections, craftsmen, motor sports teams and automotive professionals.

We all feel a sense of pride when people say there is absolutely nowhere else like it!  

Just like Florence was the hotbed of European knowledge and art during the Renaissance, resulting in the formation of craftsmen, workshops and expertise unmatched anywhere else in the world, so the Motor Valley has always been the epicentre of knowledge and love of sports cars, and that was never more true than it is today.

In a similar way to Silicon Valley, the Motor Valley has succeeded in creating and remaining at the forefront of its particular sphere of knowledge and expertise, thanks to the continuous support of new generations of passionate experts.

Surprisingly enough, the Motor Valley is not only world famous for its “motors” but also for its fabulous food and wine. Local specialities range from “prosciutto” and “tortellini” to the more elaborate creations of Michelin-starred chefs. Vocalists have also made the “voice” of Emilia heard everywhere in the world, raising the profile of an area that can also boast well known writers, artists, and pioneers in children’s education.

When we look around us, we see wonderful scenery, castles, rolling green hills, unspoilt mountain passes, and enchanting villages, and we think how lucky we are.

We also love to tell people that one of the most important women in Italian history was born and reigned here in the 12th century: Matilde of Canossa, the first Queen of Italy. She was a strong and valiant woman who proved an able mediator between a Pope and an Emperor!

The decision to name Canossa Events after her was seen as a way of paying tribute to a great woman and to her former territories, the distant roots of today’s “Motor Valley”.

Francesca Azzali

Terra di Motori - Editorial Director