Motor Valley Experience, September 24-26: the art of pleasure

The hidden treasures of the Motor Valley, waiting to be discovered from the saddle of a brand-new Ducati: this is what the Motor Valley Experience is all about.

August 30, 2021: The excitement in discovering a secret place is not just in what there is to see, it’s more about sharing a moment of its daily life; about discovering its most elusive places and admiring them with new eyes. The motorcyclists taking part in the three-day Motor Valley Experience will have an expert to guide them, leaving them free to concentrate on the pure pleasure of driving through places that have made Italian motoring history famous around the world.

The route providing the framework for the trip includes the most beautiful roads in the Motor Valley. The itinerary from Modena to Castelvetro takes them up to their first hill, leaving the city that has given us some of the most iconic racing cars in the world, as they head towards one of the prettiest villages in Italy. Only 272 people live in these narrow, brick-red streets that are a far cry from the beaten tourist track.

The route continues up as we explore some of the passes crossing the Apennines and tackle the hairpin bends between Passo delle Radici and Passo dell’Abetone: two roads that every self-respecting rider should experience at least once in their lifetime – the same two roads starting out with a backdrop of red buildings in the city that gradually turns a lush green in the Apennines. Two roads forming a cherished memory for a long time.

Between one leg and the next, there will be time to relax at the hotel or enjoy a meal in the hills as we admire the road covered. As the motorcyclist who designed the exclusive route for the Motor Valley Experience, commented: “It is such a generous route that when you look back, on the Sunday evening, and think of the road you have covered over the weekend, the sense of pleasure is like after dining at a fine restaurant: your stomach is full, but the food was so fabulous, you’d like to start all over again”.

When: September 24-26, 2021.

For further information and for signing up for the event, please visit the page.


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