Motor Valley Experience 2022

Motor Valley Experience, Ducati, Canossa Events, 2022
May 6-8 / September 23-25: the Canossa Tour on Ducati’s motorbikes along the Motor Valley roads

March 21, 2022: Motor Valley Experience, the driving adventure on board of fire breathing Ducati motorbikes, is officially back. The driving weekend combines fun moments on two wheels, Motor Valley’s world-renowned car manufacturers, and the traditional flavors of Emilia-Romagna’s cuisine. May 6-8 and September 23-25 are the dates to be marked by all the passionate Ducati riders.

For the second edition, besides exploring this unique land the riders will have the exceptional opportunity to join the DRE Road Academy, the Ducati Road Experience, for a lesson given by the best Ducati instructors with paddock activities.

The riders will drive through the beating heart of Italian Motorsport, going through sharp curves and exhilarating hairpins while enjoying the charming beauty of the Modenese Apennines as well as the wonderful hills around Bologna.

The welcoming city center of Modena will be the perfect setting of the Motor Valley Experience offering a range of not-to-be-missed gourmet moments curated by one of the most famous Michelin-star Chef of the region. An extraordinary weekend perfectly blending adrenaline, great food and nature.

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