I am a weaver of special moments

Even when I was a little girl, I loved making every moment spent with my family feel special: a simple Sunday breakfast transformed into a table set with flowers, biscuits, cakes on my grandmother’s colourful china plates, background music and a nice hot tea, perhaps scented with citrus or jasmine.

I have always been fascinated by cooking, by the tradition of good food, by my family recipes that my grandmother masterfully handed down to my mother and which are now kept in my kitchen and in my heart.

Over the years I have developed a passion for details – even the smallest ones – that leave a mark on the people who experience the events that my team and I create. The secret is to listen to the customer, understand their needs and expectations and combine experience with constant research so the end result has the ‘wow’ factor. Just like a chef choosing his ingredients, your passion and familiarity can create a recipe that the diner will carry with them forever.

Creating a tailored event, fitting it to the customer, matching the right colours, in the right location with the right touch of uniqueness … this is simply what Canossa Lifestyle does.

Valentina Greggi, Director of Canossa Lifestyle

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