Canossa Events among the organisers selected for the Best Events Awards 2020! The new season of events for 2021 is coming soon.

Canossa Events managed to get on the podium for the organization of the event in the category “Best management for organisational complexity” and entered the shortlist among the best candidates within the category “Cultural, musical and sporting Event”.

December 6, 2020: The team of Canossa Events is pleased to announce that “90 Years of Emotions”, the event held in Milan’s Piazza Duomo in September 2019 and organised on behalf of Ferrari S.p.A and Automobile Club d’Italia, entered the short-list of the Best Events Awards, the Italian Festival of Events and Live Communication.

Canossa Events managed to get on the podium for the organization of the event in the category “Best management for organisational complexity” and entered the shortlist among the best candidates within the category “Cultural, musical and sporting Event”.

Despite the complex year that is now coming to a close caused by the global pandemic, the team is honoured by this achievement in the national panorama of shows and events.
We are also happy to announce the new calendar of events for 2021. As always, the new events designed by Canossa will revolve around beauty, passion for motors, unforgettable roads and scenery, sportsmanship, 5-star hospitality and good food, as well as its great and always scrupulous attention to the safety of participants.

The 2021 events calendar will touch on Canossa Events’ central “hubs” where its premises are located, and so includes Europe, the Middle East and North America for unforgettable moments of pure emotion.

In the racing world: many events you really shouldn’t miss, giving you the chance to compete and experience the true thrill of driving your classic car.

The next edition of the Modena Cento Ore (8th – 12th June) is not to be missed, a perfect combination of wonderful cars, gentlemen drivers, competition, tourism, exhilarating roads, breathtaking scenery, food and wine, and relaxation. An exciting journey taking a coast-to-coast route with 10 special uphill stages on roads closed to normal traffic and 3 races on the legendary circuits of Misano, Imola and Mugello. An experience enhanced by convivial moments and unique evenings arranged in spectacular locations that underscore the event’s penchant for tourism and culture.

This year will be the 11th edition of the Terre di Canossa (15th – 18th April), a challenging international classic regularity rally completing an extraordinary journey along the ancient roads taken by Grand Countess Matilda who was the Queen of Italy in the 12th century. A journey starting out from the Via Emilia to the beautiful Versilia coastline, passing through art cities, ancient castles and beautiful scenery. An exciting opportunity to enjoy some fine food and wine, from classic favourites to the creative inventions of Michelin-starred chefs.

The Stella Alpina (18th – 20th June) is another must: a challenging adventure behind the wheel in Trentino, surrounded by the majestic Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The route of the rally will again include the most spectacular roads and the most challenging Alpine Passes, with its adrenaline-pumping mix of sport, passion, breathtaking views, hairpin bends, and superb hospitality.

“Arabian Roads (November) is a captivating, brand new addition, promising adventure and a journey to discover the marvels of the Orient. Driving through the most mystical and unexplored of deserts, this rally will offer you an insight into the wonders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Sultanate of Oman and the United Arab Emirates. Arabian roads is an adrenalin-pumping rally for anyone who loves an adventurous drive and wants to explore the cultural heritage of the marvellous Arabian Peninsula.

Many appointments in Italy and further afield in the touring sector, events designed for those who love combining driving with engrossing and customised experiences. The first event will be in Emilia-Romagna, exploring the Lands of Countess Canossa, with the “Motor Valley Tours Casa Maria Luigia(16th – 19th March). A journey taking in the culinary perfection of Massimo Bottura, the uniqueness of the Motor Valley in motoring terms, and the treasures of Modena’s old town. Next come the “Dolomites Grand Tour”(March and September) itineraries through the Alps, exploring the magnificence of the Dolomites, breathtaking routes, and the most exquisite alpine cuisine.

On selected touring events it will be possible to take part from behind the wheel of one of the Abarth 595 Cabriolets from Canossa’s own fleet, made unique by the creative genius of Lapo Elkann and the skilled hands of the craftsmen of Garage Italia. They include the Motor Valley Tours (from March to October), designed to explore the beauty and uniqueness of the Motor Valley, the “land where speed was conceived and evolves”, in four new, made-to-measure tours. The Motor Valley Tour #Modena visits the city with the Ghirlandina Tower and the most famous temples of motor racing. The Motor Valley Tour #Parma explores the castles of Parma and discovers the secrets of Dallara Automobili. The Motor Valley Tour #RaceTrack is based in Modena and includes an adrenaline-pumping driving experience on the racetrack and the possibility to visit the top motor racing museums. The Motor Valley Tour #AlpineRoads is based in Moena and winds its way through the enchanting and gorgeous scenery of the mountain passes in the Dolomites.

Some very charming events will also be taking place “across the Pond”. The Fall Rallye New England (October). The splendour of the autumn foliage in New England is one of the most spectacular natural events in the world. Set amidst the enchanting atmosphere of the Indian summer, in Maine and New Hampshire, driving on enchanting roads with a spectacular show of the changing colours of the foliage along the old, winding roads in New England. The Rally of Enchantment (17th – 23rd May) will also be a high impact rally, for discovering the majestic American South West, known and loved around the world also thanks to the iconic pictures of the “Wild West”, made famous in Hollywood movies. An epic American adventure, lasting seven days and six nights, exploring marvellous winding roads, spectacular granite cliffs, endless stretches of desert, and majestic forests. The Canossa Gran Tour California – Paso Robles will also be back, a splendid journey along the Central California Coastline, an exclusive tour designed for lovers of cars and combined with the lively atmosphere, lifestyle, and inimitable charm made in Italy.

This is what Luigi Orlandini, Chairman & CEO of Canossa Events had to say about what is awaiting in the near future: “We continued to work hard throughout these complex months, to keep the flame of our passion alive, and organising smaller and more exclusive events, putting strict safety measures in place to prevent transmission of the virus. We have received a lot of positive feedback from past participants. This has made us even more determined to keep on making plans. We are planning a 2021 season full of the events that are now considered milestones in the universe of motoring enthusiasts, as well as new rallies, which are tourism-focused or organised in different areas of the world like the Middle East or America. We’re looking forward to firing up the engines of passion with you again…”.


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