Youngtimer Cup: the new race designed for cars with unmistakable features

Registration for the latest circuit experience created by Canossa is now open

July 8, 2022: Youngtimer Cup, organized by Canossa Racing, offers a new and exciting driving adventure with a pure racing soul. The tribute to the emerging Youngtimer phenomenon is coming this fall to the legendary Italian circuits of Varano (September 30 and October 1) and Misano (October 22-23).

The challenge is imagined for car enthusiasts owning a car built between the 1980s and 2000s and having in their DNA the passion for speed. The absolute protagonists of the racetrack experience are cars with high performance, requiring advanced driving skills and providing a pure and involving driving journey.

The racing format includes:

  • 1 round of 25’ of free practices
  • 2 rounds of 15’ of qualifying
  • 2 races of 25’.


Youngtimer Cup is an exciting adventure able to test the sporting skills of the drivers and the motorsport performance of the roaring Youngtimer engines. Within the competition, one special award will be dedicated to Alfa Romeo cars and to their legendary sporting glory.

To register, visit the following page

For more information, contact us at:

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Unleash your racing skills!


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