Motor Valley Experience 2022

Ducati, Motor Valley Experience, Canossa
Hop on your favorite Ducati and experience a weekend riding across the Motor Valley

April 2, 2022: Ride into the weekend on a Ducati Multistrada and revel in a two-day exploration of the iconic Motor Valley, with its historical roads and adrenaline-inducing turns.

Emilia-Romagna, where fast engines, good food and warm hospitality come together, is the perfect setting to adventure and mingle. Thrilling rides along the hills will go hand in hand with more slow-paced events, for you to get to know the Valley (and its motors) inside and out.

Get your fix of all things Ducati thanks to our collaboration with DRE Road Academy, which will provide you with a technical briefing and an exclusive time at the paddock of the Autodromo di Modena. Afterwards, enjoy a guided tour of two of the most prominent historical car manufacturers of the Valley, Pagani and Ferrari.

To top it all off, you will be a guest at the Best Western Premier Milano Palace Hotel, in the heart of Modena, UNESCO heritage city and absolute paradise for foodies and wine lovers. Every night, social and culinary events will tickle your palate and pique your curiosity, to ensure that you get the most out of Modena and its passion for hospitality.

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