Memory, Maurice Khawam, Cavallino Classic Modena, 2023



The third edition of the Cavallino Classiche Modena is now in the history books

It came down as a resounding success. Congratulations!

Enzo Ferrari used to say: “one cannot describe passion, one can only live it”.

The 3 days we stayed in Modena at your event epitomize that quote. The visit to the factory was memorable while the presentation by the Classiche department uniquely informative and enjoyable, However, the visit to Fiorano with the Formula one cars truly unforgettable. It was like seeing the history of Ferrari condensed in the race cars produced over the years and presented an irrefutable confirmation of Ferrari raison d’etre, which is racing. While most of us live in a 3-dimensional world and take on its daily rewards and challenges, you managed to convince us that there exists a fourth dimension in Modena evidenced by the cuisine of Massimo Bottura. The delight his excellent food created was quite noticeable indeed. The food added an outwardly experience to our visit. It is quite amazing what the sons of Modena can produce when they get together!

We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, and continued success.

Warm Regards

Maurice Khawam, Palm Beach Cavallino Classic judge 

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