Cavallino Classic Middle East: the second edition just started!

Cavallino Classic Middle East, Ferrari, Canossa, 2022
In the charming setting of Casa Ferrari, a tribute to Ferrari in the 75th anniversary

November 18, 2022: In the unique scenery of Abu Dhabi, the doors of Casa Ferrari have opened today,  November 18, to welcome the wonderful cars taking part to the much-awaited Concorso d’Eleganza.

For this special occasion, a magnificent line-up representing each decade of the Prancing Horse’s Brand has been displayed to be admired by the many guests present at the event.

A unique moment, perfect to share the common passion for motorsport while enjoying the exclusive hospitality and amenities of Casa Ferrari and indulging in the best Italian lifestyle.

With the clear-cut intent of celebrating the 75th anniversary of Ferrari, Cavallino Classic Middle East is an immersive experience into the Prancing Horse’s essence, gathering and awarding the most beautiful classic Ferraris in the Middle East.

Tomorrow, on the field of Casa Ferrari, will take place the second edition of the Concorso d’Eleganza in the enchanting Abu Dhabi. A unique celebration of design, history, culture, passion and Italian lifestyle has just kicked off!

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Cavallino Classic Middle East, Ferrari, Canossa, 2022


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