Canossa memories

Everything was perfect: the itinerary was wonderful and to us mostly unknown (my compliments to who traced the path) and the hospitality was excellent as…
Let me express my sincere congratulations to you and TDC team for the perfect organisation of this event
We would like to send special thanks to you and all your team at Canossa Events for your huge support, commitment and pro-active cooperation during…
If I had to describe our business in one word, it would be memories.
But we need brave captains, men and women powered by sense of initiative and positive enthusiasm.
I want to say Thank you again for the chance to take part in this event.
The Canossa staff were off the chart attentive to us and having the ASD guys at the ready was a true blessing.
With great pleasure we are looking forward to MCO 2020 and meeting you and some friends in your wonderful country during this extraordinary event.
The victory was uncertain right until the awards ceremony and that proves the race competition was great. A race to come back to.
Over the years we have met a lot of amazing people, many of which have become friends, and that for me is the greatest achievement…
For us as competitors it was a perfect way to celebrate the easing of the Covid lockdown and we enjoyed every moment of it. The…

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