Casa Canossa: a sophisticated and exclusive location

After being renovated during the pandemic, over the last month Casa Canossa has become a window onto the world of events that are finally up and running again.

July 21, 2021: Nestled in the foothills above Reggio Emilia, the Villa has become an exclusive place for our guests to share special moments with their friends, family and colleagues.

Casa Canossa has lent itself to become a venue for celebrating occasions that will remain impressed in the hearts and minds of everyone invited. It is the ideal place for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, private parties or corporate events, small conferences and meetings, all organised with the famous attention to detail of Canossa Events and the guarantee of complete safety.

Our team plans and organises tailor-made evenings to fulfil the exact requests and wishes of the customer. From the food to be served to the musical accompaniment: every single detail is designed to live up to expectations.

Casa Canossa is a private club, home to the Modena Cento Ore Drivers Club and the Canossa Circle. It is a place where you can enjoy relaxing with friends and colleagues at the poolside as the sun sets – in other words, the perfect place to make your dreams come true!

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