Between smiles and greetings ended the first Motor Valley Tours

Motor Valley Tours designed by Canossa Events: the new exciting experience for Motorsport lovers.

The first “motoring weekend” in the homeland of the world’s fastest cars, driving a unique and exciting car, an icon of “Dolce Vita” just ended. Thrill, beauty, safety: these are the keywords of the Motor Valley Tours, the best way to rediscover freedom of movement with the wind in your hair, tasting an enchanting land nestled between the Via Emilia and the Apennines, to discover the “temples” of the Motorsport.

Modena, May 15th 2020 – Canossa Events, leading company in organising motoring experiences with offices in Italy, North America and Middle East, presents the Motor Valley Tours. A new tourism project designed for the ones that want to discover in complete safety the Motor Valley, a unique territory in the world that developed around Modena and where knowledge and talent applied to the mechanics of engines progressed in parallel with a great culinary tradition. Ahead of schedule, the first Motor Valley Tour in a dedicated summer edition just ended between smiles and greetings for fulfilling the desire of many car lovers of driving once again on the most iconic roads of Motorsport. Great was the enthusiasm demonstrated by the participants taking part to the first Motor Valley Tour, which opened the on the road season in the most emblematical place in the world for the lovers of two and four wheels.

Canossa Events, during the Motor Valley Fest Digital (May 14-17th 2020), has introduced a touristic and exciting lifestyle experience for exploring the beating heart of the territory. The initiative, which is aimed at contributing the promotion of tourism in Emilia, is realised in collaboration with Modenatur, point of reference for incoming tourism in Modena and Emilia Romagna Region.

Motor Valley Tours will allow to car enthusiasts to be the protagonists of an unforgettable experience in the territory, while driving a legendary car, an icon of the “Dolce Vita”, in an absolutely one of a kind bespoke version. Canossa Events makes its private fleet of Abarth 595 Cabriolets available, each made unique by Garage Italia craftsmen’s skilled hands.

Otherwise, it will be possible to choose an historic car, always made in Italy: Alfa Romeo Duetto or Fiat 124 Spider.

Those interested will have the opportunity to decide between two participating options: individual tours or small guided tours.

Guided Tours, available on selected weekends, will enable to meet new travel companions to share the passion for Motorsport with. One of our guides will lead the group to discover the Motor Valley and its treasures. The groups will be composed up to 10 “crews” so as to grant excellent service and the highest safety.

Individual tours, available whenever you want by reservation only, will give the opportunity to organize the journey autonomously.

Both the opportunities are designed for couples or two friends, but it will also be possible to participate with children or by yourself.

Every moment of the trip has been conceived to guarantee a pleasant experience for the participants even in these times of Covid-19. Our staff is prepared to welcome the guests with a smiling face, even if covered by face masks, and will provide the necessary personal protective equipment.

The programme of the experience behind the wheel is divided into three days and includes the visit to Lamborghini Museum, Pagani Automobili, Ferrari Museum in Maranello and Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena. Besides this, there will also be an aperitif, a walk in the city center of Modena and a guided tour of the UNESCO site in Piazza Grande, with its Romanesque cathedral and the Torre Ghirlandina. Guided Tours include also two nights accommodation, two dinners to discover the traditional typical flavors of Modena and a lunch surrounded by Ferrari’s history. All this represents an expertly balanced sequence of active driving moments, discovery, culture and fine food.

Luigi Orlandini, President of Canossa Events, explains the origins of the project: “The objective of the Motor Valley Tours is promoting tourism in Italy and in particular supporting our regional treasures. We conceived the tours for offering to all the lovers of four wheels an interactive and immersive journey to be experienced at first hand. Cars are not only the subjects of these weekends, but today they also represent the safest means of transport for moving quietly.

I also would like to add that all of us working in the field of tourism and events are dealing with an unprecedented crisis, but we do not take the risks to which all the health care workers of our hospitals are exposed. For this reason, we will offer hotel accommodation to all the doctors and nurses of Covid units that would like to participate to our guided tours”.  

The “Motor Valley Tours” will be bookable online on the websites of Canossa Events and Modenatur. At any time, all the reservations are without any penalty in case of cancellation.


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