Old but G-Old

Passion, adrenaline and cars in the heart of Motor Valley: a car journey dedicated to the ever more attractive phenomenon of Youngtimers.


Autumn 2022


Old But Gold, or simply G-Old, is Italy’s great tour for “youngtimer” cars, crafted by Canossa Events and #FastCarsSlowFoodTT.
If you love the “beasts” of the 80s and the 90s, if you own a Bmw M3 or a Lancia Delta, a Ford Escort RS or a Toyota Celica, an F40 or a Diablo or any other youngtimer, you cannot miss this rendezvous! 

Circuits, parades, screeching tires and gourmet food are the ingredients of this unique celebration that will take place concurrently to the Motor Valley Fest.
An exciting car driving adventure made of racetrack experiences and Motor Valley’s unparalleled traditions. The pleasure of driving through scenic landscapes, challenging test drives and circuit trials that test a driver’s skills, as well as parades and car exhibitions, relaxing moments in a charming and typically Italian atmosphere.
These are all the key elements of G-Old, an event based in Italy’s capital of motors and heart of the Motor Valley, that comprises three intense days filled with adrenaline and passion for cars!

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For further information, please contact us at gold@canossa.com