Canossa and Ferrari Club Italia: a collaboration fueled by passion

Canossa Events, Ferrari Club Italia, Gala, Modena, 2021
The Ferrari Club Italia Christmas Gala at the prestigious Palazzo Ducale, in Modena, was yet another chance for Canossa Events to reaffirm its strong bond with all the friends and supporters of the Prancing Horse.

December 5, 2021: This year, the Ferrari Club Italia members have been wowed by the first edition of the Cavallino Classic Modena and the dazzling parade held in the city center of Modena, the “City of Engines”. And 2022 will be just as great: in addition to the second edition of the Cavallino Classic Modena, Canossa will host many more events, for classic and modern Ferraris alike. 

Canossa has also recently launched new and fascinating projects. Canossa Racing, a new joint venture, will enrich the world of sports car events with races for all the automotive aficionados in the most famous F1 tracks across Italy and Europe.

Very recent is also the establishment of Canossa Lifestyle, joint venture focused on organizing events for individuals and corporates, with the aim of creating unique and meaningful opportunities for sharing experiences and building new bridges.


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