Canossa Events | Season 2020

Canossa Events 2020

June 25, 2020

It's time to restart the engines of our passion!

After three months of tough lockdown, it is finally time to restart our engines and drive together on the roads of passion. Our 2020 calendar will begin this week by regaining some motoring freedom in the majestic and unique frame of the Italian Dolomites. Due to the health emergency, we had to shake up our calendar, cancelling or postponing all events, but we are now ready to get back on track with a new, safe program for all car lovers.

Safety first

First of all, all our rallies will be carefully planned in order to grant the highest safety standard. Face masks and hand sanitizer will be part of the experience as well as petrol and road books, but masks will not prevent us from smiling and laughing!

Motor Valley Tours

We are happy to present our new Motor Valley Tours. A great way to spend three days in the “land of slow food and fast cars” driving an Abarth 595 cabriolet from our fleet, exclusively tailored by Garage Italia. Based in Modena, the tours will focus on the Italian temples of speed, the great food and the beauties of the region.

Grand Tour California

As our friends from America will hardly be able to join our rallies in Italy, we are planning to bring a touch of Italy to America in our Canossa Grand Tour in Central California. We hope to be able to make it happen in the second half of August. Stay tuned!   

The Dolomites Grand Tours 

On September 4 – 6 we will return in the Alps with a new driving tour designed for the most demanding gourmets: a magnificent combination of Michelin Stars and sharp hairpin bends. We will drive around the famous “four passes” and savour the recipes of Norbert Niederkofler, Paolo Donei, Renzo Dal Farra and Sergio Rossi, all of them good friends and great chefs.

Terre di Canossa

Terre di Canossa has been moved to October 1 – 4 with a slightly modified program to allow proper distancing in social moments. Being the planned venue not suitable, the special opening dinner for the 10th edition will be postponed to 2021, when we will celebrate the 10th anniversary.

Modena Cento Ore

Similarly, Modena Cento Ore will be held on October 11 – 15 with a suitably adjusted itinerary but with the same great atmosphere.

Registrations are closed for both Terre di Canossa and Modena Cento Ore. All entrants will receive up-to-date information on a regular basis.

Fall Rallye New England

We will then return to the United States from October 14 – 17 with our “Fall Rallye” in New England, spanning from the majestic cliffs of the coastline of Maine to the autumn-coloured forests of the White Mountains in New Hampshire, ending with an adrenaline burst at Club Motorsport circuit.

Desert Tour

The year will end in the sun of the Middle-East. While we had to postpone to 2021 Arabian Roads, our great adventure across the Arabian peninsula, we will gather the end of November in the United Arab Emirates for a tour from the deserts to mountains and the seas of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah.

Green events

All our 2020 rallies and tours will be carbon neutral thanks to the adoption of the “CarbonZero” protocol (ISO14064) and to the compensation of residual CO2 emissions by planting new trees in the Apennines.

Flexible Registrations

Programs may be subject to last-minute changes and our long-term planning habits will be substituted this year by a just-in-time organisation. That's why we will grant flexible registration and cancellation policies in all our events: no one will lose a penny of his paid entry fee!