Canossa Grand Tours

Canossa Grand Tours rethinks and reinvents the quintessential road trip. Our guided Grand Tours are tailor-made travel experiences, in a relaxed atmosphere on an intimate scale, across the best landscapes and countrysides of Italy

Immerse yourself in the vibrance of Italian “La Dolce Vita”, behind the wheel of a bespoke Garage Italia-designed Fiat 500 Abarth Cabriolet. A luxury experience of Italian lifestyle.

Like the Cinquecento Abarth, Canossa Grand Tours are light, nimble, exciting and exclusive. To provide the most embracing occasion, each Canossa Grand Tour is limited to 10 cars, as such, Canossa Grand Tours are an ideal experience for creating new friendships, intimate groups of family or friends, or for corporate team-building. Or, if you just want to break away from it all and leave it all behind for one week, Canossa Grand Tours may be the perfect road-going yoga for your individual salvation.
Or how about bringing your kids to a fun week during one of our specially designed tours for Families?

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